Tuesday, June 5, 2012


ABOUT US: Hello there! I am in my mid-30s. I am a Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree from New York. I am happily married and I am the father of a wonderful 7-year-old son (as of 2012, do the math if you are reading this later). After working 10+ years for others including as a hands-on engineer and later as a supervisor, I resigned in April 2012 to join forces with my wife, who is a Computer Engineer with a Master’s Degree and a Mathematician, to run our IT/Web consulting company full-time where I was working part-time since 2003.

We work from home and plan to travel overseas since our business does not require us being psychically in New York or anywhere in particular as long as there is an Internet connection. I have always loved reading, especially financial magazines and books, that and working hard & smart have helped us well: We do not have any debt! We paid off our home within 5+ years of purchase, our vacation apartment within 3 years of purchase, our two cars within 2 years of purchase. We always pay our credit cards in full every month, and have never ever carried any credit card balance.
We definitely feel like we are already retired; no debt, work from home or wherever, plan international travels, etc. We want our blog to reflect our debt free, retired at 30s lifestyle. I will both blog about our experiences, how we got here and where we want to go. We hope you will find it interesting, inspiring and helpful.

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